How To Invest in Share Market and Benefits Of Share Market in 2023

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Definition Of Share Market: Are you wondering about what is share market and how can you easily invest in the share market? This is a common question for all beginners who are not aware of the share market.

How To Invest in Share Market and Benefits Of Share Market in 2023

So, today in this article we will provide you with the best details possible about the share market, that you can easily invest and earn from anywhere through the share market. It just needs some basic knowledge which we are going to share with you here.

What is share market?

What is Share Market: The share market, also known as the stock market, is a market in which shares of various companies are bought and sold. This is a place where some people either make a lot of money or lose all they have. Purchasing stock in a company involves becoming a shareholder in that company.

You will own a percentage of the company based on the amount of money you invest. That is, if the company makes a profit in the future, you will receive double the money you invested, and if the company fails, you will not receive a single penny, i.e. you will lose all your money investment.

Benefits of share market

Some of the benefits of the share market are as follows –

Outstanding Liquidity: The Indian stock market is divided into two exchanges: the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) (NSE). The majority of businesses trade their shares on one of these two exchanges or both. Because of the high estimated average, it offers investors a high level of liquidity. As a result, if an investor wants to buy or sell shares on the stock exchanges, liquidity makes it simple.

No Money Investment Limit: A stock market is an investment option in which you can start investing with as little as 1000 and as much as 1000 crores per crore. There is no minimum or maximum amount needed to do this.

Making money from money: A stock market is a place where you don’t have to buy or sell anything; you just buy stocks with your own money and make money by selling and buying stocks.

High returns in a short time period: When compared to other investment options such as bonds and fixed deposits, the stock market provides investors with higher returns in a shorter time period; however, share market rules such as trading planning, using stop-loss and take-profit risk factors, conducting research and validation of data, and being patient can significantly reduce the risk underlying in stock investing and increase returns on stock market investments.

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How to Invest in Stock Market

How To Invest In Share Market (How to buy shares in share market): Investing in the stock market can only be done with the assistance of a broker; that is, you cannot buy or sell shares directly in the stock market, and there are many brokers in today’s era. As a result, if you want to invest in the stock market, you must first contact a broker. on the market

If you want to Invest in The Stock Market, you can do so by installing an app on your mobile device. The stock market is the best way to generate passive income and build wealth. The most significant advantage of investing in the stock market is that it generates higher returns than any other investment. It does not require a large sum of money to begin investing in it.

Investing in the stock market can begin with as little as Rs 5000. If you are going to invest in the stock market for the first time, you will have a lot of questions.

How to Invest for Better Returns?

How To Invest For Better Returns: The first step in making the right stock market investment is to select stocks that are likely to provide good returns over a long period of time.

It is not suitable to determine such stocks purely based on second-hand information or tips from various sources. If you want to outperform the market while taking on the least amount of risk, you must pay attention to certain frames or criteria.

When looking for a stock to invest in for higher returns, look for those with these same characteristics.

Stocks of high Quality That Are Currently Undervalued

The first requirement of a high-quality stock is the investment’s safety. That is a company with a strong financial position and recent performance. Focusing on a company with a market valuation of at least Rs 500 crore can be a good strategy in terms of investment security. Aside from that, the stock’s PEG, or price-earnings-to-growth ratio, should be less than one. This demonstrates the true value of the company’s stock.

Shares that are going to trade at a significant discount to their book value

If a stock meets both of the preceding criteria, the third factor to consider is its ‘discount-to-book value.’ If the company appears to be strong and has a bright future in all other aspects,

but its shares are trading at a price lower than its book value, it can expect good returns in the future. In such a stock, the debt-equity ratio should be less than 1.5, and the return on net worth should be greater than 10% in recent years.

How To Invest in Share Market (Watch Video)

What is required to invest in the stock market?

So now we know how to invest in stock market.

Savings Account in a Bank

The work of buying and selling shares in the stock market is done online using a computer at home. That is why you should have a savings bank account with internet banking enabled so that you can conduct financial transactions. The trading account is linked to the savings bank account.

Choose a Stock Broker

All companies in the stock market are listed on the stock exchange, and you cannot buy or sell shares directly from the stock exchange; instead, you must open a trading and Demat account with a stockbroker.

Every stockbroker is a member of a stock exchange. When you place an order to buy a share, it is routed directly to the stock exchange via the broker’s platform. Your shares are then bought and sold from there.

Trading Account

The trading account is the account from which we buy and sell stocks; it is opened by the stockbroker. To be able to add money to your Trading Account and buy and sell shares, it must be linked to your Saving Bank Account.

Demat Account

When we buy shares in the stock market, we need a Demat Account to keep the shares safe. After submitting the form to the Demat account broker, he will open your Demat account.

Any stockbroker can open a trading account and a Demat account. This requires a PAN card, address proof, income proof (cancelled cheque), bank statement, and 1 to 3 passport-size photographs.

Once you have a trading and Demat account, the broker will provide you with your trading account’s USER ID and password, allowing you to buy and sell shares by transferring funds from your savings bank account to your trading account.


So, this is the article that has all the details about How To Invest In The Share Market (Share market investment tips) with some risk and earning pocket money. You can do it easily without much effort,

once you are an expert then it would be easy to handle for you as the stock market is just about the knowledge you need only about share markets rather than any science or arts kinds of stuff.

FAQHow To Invest In Share Market 2023

Q 1. Where Can I Buy Stocks?

Ans. You can purchase stock through your broker’s exchange platform. You can purchase stock in person at the branch, over the phone, or online via the internet. These days, downloading the broke app on your mobile phone is a much easier way to buy stocks.

Q 2. When Is the Best Time to Buy & Sell Shares to Make the Most Profit?

Ans. There is no such thing as the best time to buy a stock because it all depends on your trading/investment strategy. Traders should buy when the downside risk is lowest, and investors should buy when the upside potential is greatest.

Q 3. Can I trade When The Markets are Closed?

Ans. For the convenience of office workers, most brokers now allow you to place orders when the markets are closed. However, the actual trade will be held in a queue and will be executed only when trading resumes the following trading day.

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